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Shop our meticulously crafted, freshly milled recipe spice kits

Welcome to Spicytude, where a love for genuine flavors and deep-rooted traditions harmonize in each meticulously crafted spice blend. Our offerings boast the finest ingredients, ensuring an authentic burst of flavor in every culinary creation.

Break free from the notion that infusing everyday cooking with genuine taste is a challenge. Spicytude products transform the culinary experience into pure delight, accompanied by easy to follow and enjoyable recipes.

Meticulously Portioned Spice Kits

Our spice blends have been meticulously crafted to bring authentic Indian flavor to your cooking. We want to make your culinary journey easier and smarter by providing perfectly measured spice kits. Each one is tailored to a specific dish and comes with an easy to follow recipe.

Say goodbye to half-used spice jars turning to dust at the back of your pantry and say hello to the era of precise and flavorful culinary experiences!

Without Spicytude

Creating a flavorful spice blend entails purchasing various individual spices, measuring each one, and then undergoing a time-consuming preparation process. Despite these efforts, achieving the exact flavor every time remains uncertain.

With Spicytude

Indulge in the convenience of pre-blended spices through our portioned spice kits, ensuring precise spice measurements for simple and flavorful cooking. Save time, money, effort, and pantry space with this hassle-free solution that consistently delivers the same delightful flavor every time.

Spice and Style: Must-Haves in Your Kitchen

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Our Spice Philosophy

At Spicytude we are dedicated to delivering more than just spices. We offer a flavorful & culturally enriching experience that sets us apart from the rest. Here's why you should choose us


Authentic South Indian Flavors

Experience the true taste of South India with our carefully sourced spices.


Precision and Freshness

Crafted to perfection, our spices ensure ultimate freshness in every blend.


Culinary Inspiration

We provide classic and innovative recipes for a delightful cooking experience.


Expanding Possibilities

Redefining flavors with novel blends, awakening taste buds to new dimensions

What Our Customers Say !

Customer Reviews

We take pride in the trust they've placed in us and the delightful culinary adventures they've embarked on. Explore their stories and find out why Spicytude has become a beloved part of their kitchens

I was somewhat skeptical at first when it came to ordering spices online, but Spicytude proved my concerns wrong. The spice came within just a couple days and smells very fresh. Totally worth the price. Will be ordering again!!
Ryan H
I purchased the Garam Masala spice mix specifically to make the lamb burgers. The burgers were fantastic!!! We made a double batch, which gave us extras for lunch the next day. The burgers were equally delicious the next day. I’m eager to try the other recipes now! So good! I will be coming back for more spices. 😃
Jacqueline Mutz
From the intensity of the aroma of cinnamon and clove to the bursting freshness of the spice, a tiny pinch packed an awesome punch in the dish. I also sprinkled lightly on pizza before it went in the oven!
Sanjay Doddamani
I am a Texan to the core and have been very shy to try new food. This is so incredibly scrumptious. It’s been part of our weekly rotation. Highly recommend to all newcomers to such flavorful food.Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.
Brittany Vaughn
I love Indian food so much but always found the spice mixing intimidating or the spices hard to find - so we only eat out when we crave it. We tried the Chicken Tikka Masala spice mix and it turned out so flavorful and aromatic. The spice level was perfect, even for my 8 year old who can't handle any heat at all. He ate it up and asked for seconds. Each can comes with two meals so I'll have to make it again soon and remember to take a picture. This is a definite ready made staple for your spice rack!Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.
Maria Galaviz
We LOVE this chai! We buy a tin about once a month, and we can’t get enough! It is so flavorful! My husband makes a pitcher of it and it will last a few days. We keep it in the fridge and then just heat up one mug at a time. So good!
Just got two tins of Chai Masala. I didn't quite follow the directions as I use a French press to make my tea (just so I can make more than my small tea pot will hold.) The flavor was amazing! You can definitely taste the cardamom and cloves. It's a fantastic blend. Much less peppery than other chais I've brewed which is the way I like it. I'll definitely be ordering these tins for friends.
Ken Adams
Found spicytude at Dallas farmers market. The samples of everything was amazing. Best chia tea iv ever had
Lacey Jay
So so good! It’s so nice to have authentic tasting Indian food at home! This spice kits gave it the favor i needed. We use this weekly in our house!
We tried the tikka masala and made Paneer Tikka Masala! The spice mix is so perfect that it tasted like we are eating in an authentic restaurant in India!!! Perfect recipe and so easy to make! No more guess work!
I bought the Tikka Masala mix at the Dallas Farmers market. I tasted the samples on-site but was unsure if I could make it taste the same. I went home and followed all the instructions and it came out delicious! It’s the first time my Indian food tasted so good. (I’m Mexican and I have tried making this dish before) Me and my husband could not have enough of it. Totally recommend it!
Best chai I’ve come across. I boil coconut milk on the stove and then add this, can’t beat it.
This spice blend makes the perfect tikka masala! Now my homemade version is better than we can get at any restaurant. This is a staple in my pantry, and I have gifted it to friends. It’s that good!

Spicytude Culinary Creations: Watch and Learn

Welcome to Spicytude Culinary Creations, where we invite you to embark on a flavorful journey through our collection of enticing recipe videos. Explore the world of South Indian cuisine as we bring you step-by-step guidance to recreate authentic dishes and innovative creations. Join us in the kitchen and discover the secrets of culinary excellence, with Spicytude as your trusted guide.

Green Chicken Saute with Spicytude Garam Masala

In this exciting recipe video, we present a delightful dish that beautifully combines the freshness of green ingredients with the warm, aromatic embrace of Spicytude Garam Masala. This Green Chicken Saute is a fusion of South Indian flavors and vibrant herbs, offering a unique, mouthwatering experience. Watch as we guide you through the process of creating this delectable dish, ensuring your taste buds are treated to a symphony of flavors and textures that perfectly embody our passion for authentic and inspired cuisine.